Join LED Community Leisure’s 21 day online coaching program exclusively for EDDC employees to lose weight, tone up and kick start your fitness! Step by step plan to get you focused on your health & fitness goals, start an exercise routine you enjoy, and eat healthier so you look and feel your best in time for Christmas!

Starts Monday 11th November- Only 50 places - Register now!

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Hello EDDC employees!

My name is Daniel Cudmore, LED Community Leisure’s Wellbeing Coach, and I would like to invite you to join our 21 day online coaching program exclusively for EDDC employees to help you lose weight, tone up and kick start your fitness just in time for Christmas!

Whether you work at head office in Honiton, the town hall in Exmouth, or you are on the street scene teams or work at any other site, this program is for you if you are ready to get focused on your health and fitness goals, start an exercise routine you enjoy (either with LED or on your own), and get some help with eating healthier so you reach your  goals much quicker than on your own!


Whether you’re currently exercising with us at LED or somewhere else, and just need some extra motivation and refocusing  towards your goals, or you're currently not doing anything and want some help and support getting kick started back into exercise and eating better, this program will help you do that and get results!


The 21 day coaching program is 100% online which means you can follow along from start to finish where ever you are. It is all done through email where you get all the prep work sent to you a few days before day one Monday 11th November, and then follow along with the daily emails from myself to keep you focused, on track with the plan and highly motivated!

In the prep stage you set your goals for the program, find out your "red hot why", read the food plans and recipe book, and then plan in your weeks food and exercise using our tools and strategies.

If you are a current member with us, you can plan in your workouts from our group exercise timetable, get a new workout for the gym or get down to the swimming pools, or if you are a non-member, you can follow our home workouts for all fitness levels and plan in any other exercise you enjoy. For those who want to trial LED’s group exercise timetable, gyms and pools we have special £20 for 20 day membership for you (just for participants on the program).


You then give the week your best shot with your food and exercise plan relevant to your own goal, and at the end of the week you take your results you are tracking and review the week with self-coaching questions  to make the following week even better and make any adjustments to your plan.

By the end of the program you will have had 21 days of real focus on eating better and exercise which will show in your final results day! Whether that’s weight loss, fat loss, body toning and increases in fitness or improvements in energy and wellbeing or simply new habits built around exercise and food, you will see positive changes. Your family members can even benefit from your positive influence!

It is common for people to lose between 5 - 10lbs in body weight, improve their energy and fitness levels and  transform their exercise and eating habits. (You can see previous participants amazing success on the sign up page coming up including video testimonials).


  • 21 Day Online Coaching

    Step by step online coaching plan with daily emails that shows how to eat clean, stick to exercise and get laser focused on your goals so you get results

  • Clean Eating Food Plan

    Simple clean eating food plan that tells you what to eat and what not to eat  during the program to lose weight, burn fat and increase your energy levels

  • Clean Eating Recipe Book / Meal Plan

    Get inspiration and ideas for your clean eating breakfast, lunch, dinners and desserts with over 50+ recipes and an example meal plan

  • Shopping Guide & Meal Planner

    Get the quick shopping guide to make clean eating shopping easier along with a simple 7 day meal planning strategy

  • Daily Education

    Learn new things each day like the most effective exercise for fat loss, best exercise for fitness and toning and even how to sleep better!

  • Optional Facebook Group

    Join the Facebook group with the rest of the participants to share meal ideas, successes and your clean eating and exercise journey

  • Exercise Recommendations & Personal Bookings

    Get recommendations on what exercise to do relative to your goals including how many times to exercise a week and what exercise is best for you . Find out all about what LED has to offer from group exercise classes to the gym and swimming pool / water based classes and get booked in by our centres to make it easy for you.

  • Special £20 for 20 Days Promo Code

    Get a special promo code just for people on the plan to use any of LED’s centres. Just £20 for 20 days!


  • Home Workouts

    Get body weight fat burning / toning workouts that you can follow at home in working out at our centres isn’t for you (for all fitness levels)


    A very special end of program offer for anyone interested in taking out the new 20% off EDDC membership with LED (only for participants on the program)



I lost 4.9kg and dropped a dress size. My fitness improved and I have so much more pride in myself for sticking to the program. My resting heart rate dropped from 69 to 57. It really helped me get focused and plan each weeks exercise and food. Loved the food tips and education about nutrition.

Clare Sidmouth
Janet & Alan

We joined to kick start our weight loss and both lost half a stone each! We were able to really focus on clean eating and the program fully motivated us to stick to it. Great doing it together as a family.

Janet & Alan Exmouth

I had fallen out of regular exercise and needed some motivation and focus. The program helped me get back into exercising  3 times a week  and helped me start eating healthy lunch and snacks. I lost 2kg and feel much better.

Andrew Lyme Regis

The program helped to get me focused on myself and my own wellbeing by setting goals which motivated me. I lost half a stone and my clothes are much looser. My friends are all commenting on my weight loss!

Katherine Seaton

As you can see the program has all you need to get super focused on your goals and can help support you with everything from eating right for fat burning and weight loss, to increasing and doing the right exercise and getting you highly inspired and motivated so you get results.

The previous members success was from programs run this year. These guys embraced the program and gave it their best effort and the results speak for themselves. This can certainly be you after the 21 day program!



The purpose of this program is to help you  get focused and motivated on your unique health and fitness goals, and get you kick started into doing exercise you enjoy and eating better, as well as making some positive lifestyle improvements. Despite there being massive value on this program with all that’s included and all the support and coaching you get, we are keeping the price super low so it is accessible to everyone and price becomes no object.

This program would normally be £12 for our communities, but we would like to offer a further 25% off for EDDC.

JUST £9!


If you are ready to get highly motivated and focused for 21 days on your body, health and fitness goals so you lose weight, tone up and get fit just before Christmas then, this program is 100% for you.

Simply CLICK REGISTER NOW and sign up over at eventbrite

There are only 100 places so if you are interested it is best to do this as soon as you can so you don’t miss out on joining.

In 21 days you too can have results like our previous participants. It will be great to help you get focused on your goals and start getting results!

See you soon!

PS) Even if you cant fully commit to the program it is still worth joining and following along. What you learn on this program you can apply anytime and I and our teams will be here to help you as much as we can .


Some Frequently Asked Questions...

  • q-iconDo I have to follow the program 100%?

    No, although we encourage you to stick to the food and exercise recommendations as much as possible and follow the suggested to do’s. Follow the program as best as you can. Any changes you make are positive and you will see results although the better results you want the closer you should follow it.

  • q-iconWhat is in the food plan?

    The food plan focuses on reducing / cutting out processed foods and high sugar like sweets, cakes biscuits, large amounts of bread, rice pasta and potatoes and shifting towards unprocessed, natural foods like meat, fish, eggs, nuts, healthy fats, vegetables and fruits. We call it clean eating.

  • q-iconIs the food plan boring?

    No, far from it. As you will see in our recipe book there are unlimited examples of clean eating breakfast, lunch dinners and snacks. You just have to learn the fundamentals of clean eating, use our examples and make it your own.

  • q-iconHow many times do I have to exercise a week?

    For people currently exercising we recommend 3 – 5 times a week. For people that are new or  want to take it easier we recommend 1 – 3 a week. You decide you commitment level and what is realistic for your current lifestyle demands and goals.

  • q-iconWhat exercise should I do?

    If you are a member of LED or are taking out he £20 for 20 days, you can join our classes, get gym plans made or go swimming (or a mixture). First a foremost you need to choose what you enjoy. We will recommend classes for weight loss and toning if that’s what you want. For non-members you can follow our home workouts (for all fitness levels) and plan in other exercise you enjoy like walking, riding and running. You choose what you do the most important thing is you do it and stick to it!

  • q-iconDo I have to be really fit?

    No. This program is for all fitness levels from beginners, getting back inners to already fit. The focus here is on getting focused on a new goal that is unique to you, planning your weeks food and exercise so you stick to it and because of this get results quicker than on your own.

  • q-iconDo I have to follow both food and exercise?

    No. If you choose you can just do the food or just do the exercise. It has to be realistic to you and we will help coach you decide what to do.

  • q-iconWhat if I fall off the wagon?

    You probably will! But you are not one meal away or one workout away from being back in plan. Learn from it and get straight back on! The program will help you with that mindset.

  • q-iconDo I have to join the Facebook group?

    No although when you feel part of a community and can share your journey and success you are more likely to get better results and stick to the plan. Totally up to you.

  • q-iconDoes weight loss have to be my goal?

    No although weight loss / fat loss is a common goal to have at this time of year. You need to choose what goal motivates you. This could be toning, fat loss and weight loss related or just about setting goals around how many sessions you want to get to or healthier eating you want to adopt.

Any questions please contact Dan at