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I lost 4.9kg and dropped a dress size. My fitness improved and I have so much more pride in myself for sticking to the program. My resting heart rate dropped from 69 to 57. It really helped me get focused and plan each weeks exercise and food. Loved the food tips and education about nutrition.

Clare Sidmouth
Janet & Alan

We joined to kick start our weight loss and both lost half a stone each! We were able to really focus on clean eating and the program fully motivated us to stick to it. Great doing it together as a family.

Janet & Alan Exmouth

The program helped to get me focused on myself and my own wellbeing by setting goals which motivated me. I lost half a stone and my clothes are much looser. My friends are all commenting on my weight loss!

Katherine Seaton

I had fallen out of regular exercise and needed some motivation and focus. The program helped me get back into exercising  3 times a week  and helped me start eating healthy lunch and snacks. I lost 2kg and feel much better.

Andrew Lyme Regis

I lost 3kg and my fitness improved. I feel much more energised and my skin is much clearer. I loved the email support and sharing recipes and would recommend this to anyone who want to focus on their health and fitness and take it up a notch.

Christine Sidmouth

I had not exercised for a long time and the 30 day plan was great at getting me really focused on a new goal and planning my weeks exercise and food. I pushed myself much more and have toned my entire body which is great as I go on holiday next week!

Patricia Axminster